The optimal legal form for your company
A sole proprietorship, a partnership (possibly with a partner), a private company, several private companies with personal holding companies, there are quite a few possibilities. The choice has both fiscal and economic aspects. We want you to shape the optimal tax structure. We also want to reduce risk where possible and preferably exclude the risk. We put the opportunities in a row taking into account those aspects. This will take you to the appropriate selection, tailored to your unique situation.

As a result of developments on the one hand within the company (results, intention to sell or participation by third parties and the like) and on the other hand developments in fiscal and / or legal matters may be desirable to adjust the shape of the company.
These include the ‘conversion’ of a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company (or vice versa) or from a sole proprietorship into a partnership. Also, it may be useful to divide the activities to accommodate multiple companies instead of all activities in one company.

The way in which restructuring takes place, depends on the specific situation of the company and the vision of the entrepreneur in the future. With these assumptions, (legal) regulations and using the tax relief, we come to our advice on any desirable restructuring.

Certainly if there is an intention to sell  a change in the form of enterprise at that time can bring significant tax benefits in the future.