People are becoming wealthier. More and more people are using some form of estate planning, to transfer assets as economically as possible. The demand for expertise in this area is increasing and the answer is increasingly important.

Estate planning involves structuring assests focused on the transition to the beneficiaries. A very personal and often emotional affair. A successful transfer, now or in the future, means savings of inheritance tax, gift tax and income tax.

Estate planning can be described as drafting plans, through which the asset while maintaining legal safeguards, passes as cheaply as possible from one generation to the next and be in line with your expectations. Our advice in this area gives you the opportunity in the short and long term to carry out a financial plan. We keep on making this plan into account not only to gain a tax advantage, including legal aspects are represented in our advice.

We advise about:

  • the tax aspects of prenuptial agreements, wills and gifts
  • the settlement of estates
  • how the inheritance or gift of corporate assets and equity packages should be implemented
  • the possible tax consequences of death or gift border situations, including foreign capital, live and / or work abroad, emigration and immigration
  • the practical impact on the inheritance and gift tax and income tax, but also for corporation tax, transfer tax and value added tax.


It speaks for itself that advice in the area of estate planning is designed to make maximum use of all any applicable legal options.

Timely and carefully structuring the transfer of assets is our highest priority.